Terkini! PKR Perak tempelak Iswardy Morni

Terkini! PKR Perak tempelak Iswardy Morni

Date : 19 March 2021


PKR Perak view the under current statement of a blogger in the name of Iswardy Morni as baseless and waste of time, as Perakian’s are more interested in economic, life and studies recovery rather than a news of a party hopper from Perikatan Nasional into folds of PH in Perak.

PKR Perak under the stewardship of its chairman Farhash Wafa Salvador has been steadfast in founding principle of reforms and solidarity, as the famous quote of Scottish Independence Warrior, William Wallace sound’s like ” run if you may run and yes you will live another day but not forever”.

PKR Perak will never accept any party hopper’s outside PH as we know the pain when the mandate of party and the people often compromised and results in fall of a any formed government of mandate.

The people are watching closely in this crisis time on how Perikatan Nasional rose to power by buying and cross over MP’s from UMNO and also PH. We totally reject this nature of politic’s, returning of people’s mandate to save this country has been our President’s selfless effort to save Malaysian’s from unprecedented policies which further slowing the recovery of the nation in post pandemic era.

May blogger’s use their talent’s of writing to uplift the nation’s recovery rather than unfounded political accusation’s which really not needed this time. PKR Perak has stopped excessive politicking and focussing effort on people’s recovery, as of Iswardy Morni accusation or finding’s.

We are not interested in it. We need to built Malaysia again and this will be our focus. Perakian’s will never made a party hopper a victorious winner again and they know best.

Vice Chairman of PKR Perak