Terkini! Ahli Parlimen Dap Perak digantung keahlian

Terkini! Ahli Parlimen Dap Perak digantung keahlian

This afternoon, while I was on my way back from a week of unprecedented political imbroglio and controversies in Parliament, I received the letter of notification from my party informing me that I am suspended for a period of three (3) months effective from 29/7/2021 for the incident during Perak DAP State Convention on 14/3/2021.

I’ve stated my case and replied to the Disciplinary Committee reasons for my action on that fateful day. Nevertheless, I accept the decision of Disciplinary Committee and I will remain loyal to my party, DAP.

To my Teammates and Supporters, thank you for your continuous love and support, through thick and thin. I assure you, we will go through this together, and emerge, better and stronger.

To my Constituents, the People of Kampar, I will continue to serve you as your Member of Parliament, whether in the Dewan Rakyat or on the ground, honouring the mandate you have given me.

Thank you.

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